Lella Vongsaphay

Leila Vongsaphay (b. 1997) had never painted when she joined the Inside Out community, and she engaged the new medium with inspiring intensity. Her work is highly informed by her interest in popular culture, particularly Anime and Manga. While she began with singular figures, Leila has expanded her work to include text and other manifestations of societal interaction. Her work is intriguing, often containing symbols and cultural references, but is also highly accessible in its directness. Leila’s intense focus and concentration are fostering a rapid growth in her skill level and range as an artist, and she is constantly incorporating new materials and concepts into her work.


12 1/2" X 22"

Paint on board



Lamento 10 Years Logo

8" X 10"

Acrylic on canvas board



Pesto Rabit Face

17" X 21"

Framed, acrylic on board



Chibi Eater

12" X 15" framed

Acrylic on board